Hotel Boss Treats Us Like A Boss

Please don’t judge me so early, because I have my reasons for why I never let the best hotels out of my holiday list. You guys need to check the these

I went to lots of places when I was single. It continues when I have a baby. I have gone to lots of places with my family since then. On this occasion, I want to admit something. That I always say that my travels are backpacker style is not all true. Yes, I went to the places with my backpack, but I always choose a hotel on most of my itinerary. I know that backpackers will not hate me because of that, only if they don’t know that I always choose the best hotel.

Hotel Boss Treats You Like A Boss

Frankly speaking, the best hotels cost us much more than others. That is why I need apologies. A real backpacker will think twice or even multi times about spending their money over a high-budget hotel, of course. Staying at that kind of hotel is just not included in the backpacker idea.

Well, please don’t judge me so early. Because I have my reasons for why I never let the best hotels out of my holiday list. You guys need to check these out!

  1. Popular

The very first reason is I love to be in a popular place. Choosing the best hotels because of their popularity is my way. I cannot say that I love my Instagram looks gorgeous. LOL

  1. Easy Access

The best hotels always offer us their best including easy access. Whether their spots are in the heart of the city or other great points in town. I want a remarkable holiday after all. More places to go are better.

  1. Professional

We all agree to the professional services that we might get from a hotel. The best hotel - of course - knows how to treat its guests. Not only the services but also the facilities. I love it when professionals handle sort things of mine.

  1. Treat You Like A Boss

Why do we choose hotels? Well, as far as I experienced, it was all because they treated us very nice. The best hotels keep their image well. The reason is pretty clear. They want us to always remember them, go back to theirs, and even tell others about them. Simple.


For all of those reasons, I have no regret choosing the best hotels at the places I’ve visited. Then, I know that you are wondering now where the hell I got the money? Why didn’t I just pick random hotels and not be too dangerous with the money?

Relax, Man.

I am not that clumsy after all. I will tell you the secret now. Go find this hotel, namely MBS. What comes across your mind when you find this name? They will treat you like a boss, but save your money the most.

How come?

You can use the great offer just by clicking on the link up there. You can do MBS Staycation while redeeming SingapoRediscovers Vouchers. By using the voucher, you can afford the best hotel in town.

Trust me! With all of the facilities they offer, you wouldn’t regret it being there.

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